Diamond and Chase

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Diamond and Chase

  • Genre: Action-Adventure
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  • Release Date: April 2017 - ongoing

Audrey Diamond has a mouth she can’t control, a Ph.D. to complete, and a whole lot of trouble at her door. Arriving in the sleepy village of Huddlestone, Audrey thinks she’s got a boring two months of cataloguing ahead of her. And then she meets James Chase. James is an actuary who calculates risks by day and takes them by night. He doesn’t have time to waste on the smart-mouthed woman who’s moved into his old nanny’s house. Until, that is, Audrey finds a set of postcards – clues to a stolen treasure. Clues that could get them both killed. Enter the world of James Chase and Audrey Diamond, an unlikely duo thrust into a series of adventures that will take them around the world and right into each other’s arms. Diamond and Chase will be a six-book series in the same vein as Odette C. Bell’s Trouble and Treasure. Expect high-octane adventure, wit, charm, and a whole lot of unacceptable risk.

Upcoming Releases

Diamond and Chase Book Four is currently being serialized on this website. Check out the homepage to find it.

About this series

This series will have 6 books.


The first book is available free from most ebook retailers. You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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