A Time of Kings

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A Time of Kings

  • Genre: Space Opera
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  • Release Date: June 2018

In the Zenith Kingdom, kings are not born - they are remembered. Their memories are held in the dreams of their brides-to-be. Find one of these brides, and she can bestow upon a man the powers of a ruler past. There was a time when the Zenith Royal family had to search the galaxy for brides - now all are kept in the palace. They think they have every bride under control; they don't. One has eluded them, and within her dreams rests the most powerful king there ever was. … A Time of Kings is a thrilling action-packed space opera. A sprawling adventure, it will take you across the Milky Way and back again, so start the journey today.

Upcoming Releases

Episode Three will be released 29 August 2018.

About this series

This series will be between 4-6 episodes long. There are currently two episodes available.


A Time of Kings Episode One is available for free from most ebook retailers who stock my work. You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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