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All my sci-fi is space opera, so low on the actual science and high on action-adventure. They all contain a romantic sub-plot, and while they have action and military themes, they wouldn't be classed as military sci-fi. They're classic space operas in the theme of Star Wars, Firefly, and Star Trek, for instance.

A Plain Jane, Betrothed, The Betwixt, Ouroboros, Ava, and Lucky Star are all very similar in tone and basic character development. They start out with an otherwise normal character who suddenly finds they're the key to some galactic-wide trouble. Maybe they're the last galactic princess of a dead empire (A Plain Jane). Or maybe they woke up hundreds of years in the future to find out they have something everyone's after (Betrothed and Lucky Star). Or maybe their super-powerful alien mother dropped them off on the galaxy's doorstep (The Betwixt). But it all works out in the end, because they have a hot, reliable male lead to marvel at their awesomeness and help them dodge all the danger. The above stories are all veeeery low on science. They are just adventures set in space.

Axira, The Lost Star, The Crucible, Ghost of Mind, Shattered Destiny, A Time of Kings, Star Destiny, Star Soldier, Hena, and Vira all have kick-ass female characters who start off strong and only get stronger as the galaxy throws all sorts of s**t at them. Maybe they're super-powerful weapons that have a job to do (Axira, The Lost Star, and Vira). Maybe they're the last of their race, and they have to keep hidden from a galaxy who hunts them (Ghost of Mind). Maybe they've escaped a government experiment and they're on the run (The Crucible). Maybe they've got a destiny that spans the multi-verse and have to fight to protect a man they can't stand (Shattered Destiny). No matter how much the universe throws at them, they all get through it with a hearty-dose of action and just the right amount of romance.

And now for something completely different. If you like random funny sci fi in the theme of comedic anime, then check out Zero.



I primarily write fantasy, so there's a lot of it! If you've just come across one of my series and want to find something similar, it might be pretty hard to sift through the catalog.

So here we go with a vague series of lists. I'll start with more standard fantasies and drill down to the weirder stuff I've written.

Witch's Bell, Angel Private Eye, and Anna's Hope are all urban fantasy police-procedural, mystery type things. Expect someone to wind up dead or missing, etc, and expect the main character to be roped into finding out what the heck's going on. They all have romantic subplots, mystery, plenty of magic, strong world-building, and lots of action and adventure.

The Frozen Witch is similar to the above, but it's got a bit of mythology thrown in, and it's heavier on the romance. A Lying Witch sits halfway between the standard mystery urban fantasies like Witch's Bell and the more romance/mythology driven The Frozen Witch.

Better the Devil you Know is... I don't really know. It was an experiment. I started writing it one way, and the story twisted away from me. It's quite different in voice from my other urban fantasies, and it also has lots of scenes from different character's POVs. It's kind of like a movie, I guess. That's not a very good explanation, is it? Once I wrap my head around what the heck this story is, I'll update this! My Immortal Soul is pretty similar - a police procedural/philosophical romp that's way out on its own.

Hell's Angel and Broken Witch are super gritty police procedurals. Both are about toughened female leads who need to break apart the world to fix it again.

The Last Queen is all about action. It's very fast, very punchy, and written in first-person present-tense, like Yin and Yang. The Billionaire's Witch is pretty similar to the Last Queen, but with a little less action and angst. Magic Born is kind of halfway between The Last Queen and The Billionaire's Witch.

The Enchanted WritesMagical Influence, Agent of Light, and Gladys the Guard are way out there on their own in a weird sub-category of urban fantasy I'd call quirky. They're very low on grit and high on fun. So if you like light stories that are high on humor, adventure, and romance, then check them out. If you're familiar with anime categories, then The Enchanted Writes, Agent of Light, and Gladys the Guard would all be considered magical-girl stories. Magical Influence sits in its own little weird category. If you like grittier, more standard urban fantasies, then steer the hell clear of all these.

The Witch and the Commander is a light-hearted fantasy in the vein of a Studio Ghibli film. As for The Captain's Witch, that's a weird western. What's a weird western, I hear you ask? Basically what happens when magic meets the Wild West. It's more similar in tone to The Witch and the Commander than actual plot, though both are pretty different books.

The Modern Goddess Series sits in its own special category. It's what happens when someone studies too much philosophy and writes a book at the same time. All the three books in this series are heavy on mythology, but they're also pretty heavy on inspiration and philosophy. They are much more complex than my other stories. If you just want to read a book with action and romance, I would strongly steer you elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you'd like a fantasy with a message, then check them out.

Yin and Yang is the closest thing to an epic fantasy I've ever written. It's also one of the only stories I've ever written with the use of present-tense voice. It's also the closest thing to a true YA that I've written. It's very action-oriented and moves on pretty fast.



I love writing action-adventure-comedy-romance. It's some of the easiest and most enjoyable fiction for me. Alas, it doesn't sell, quite possibly because it's four genres cram-packed into one book. In tone and pace it's similar to those great romance-adventures from the '90s like Romancing the Stone.

Trouble and Treasure and Diamond and Chase are both primarily action-mysteries where the characters have to track down some treasure or clue. They're fast-paced and big on the female and male lead's witty interactions. If you like far-flung locations, crazy treasure, and fun dialogue, then check them out.

Room 89 and A Deadly Reunion are both romance suspense. They're light romance though - so fade-to-black stuff. High on suspense, action, and mystery.

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