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The Admiral Episode One

Prologue An explosion ripped through half of the ship, tearing it apart in under two seconds. Unprotected bodies tumbled into space, their......

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Short Story

Fall From Earth

She was sitting on a transport. Eyes wide, breath shallow, she stared at the empty patch of floor between her feet. Her knees were spread, her elbo......

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Serialized Fiction

Diamond and Chase Book 4 - Prologue to Chapter 14

  *Updated with Chapter 17.* This is the fourth book of the Diamond and Chase Series. You can read the first book for free on this website he......

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Modern Goddess

50% off until January 31

Modern Goddess: The Complete Series is currently on-sale at Smashwords.

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So much sci fi!

I've been busy producing sci-fi. I've finished and released the complete 9th series of the ongoing Galactic Coalition Academy - The Admiral. It completes the Force...... READ MORE

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So much sci fi!

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War Begins just released

Magic Born and plans for the year to come

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Fall From Earth


The Admiral