Ghost of Mind Series

Released: April 24 2013 - Ongoing

Series information: A 7 part series. Current episode are: Ghost of Mind Episode One, Ghost of Mind Episode TwoGhost of Mind Episode ThreeGhost of Mind Episode FourGhost of Mind Episode Five, and Ghost of Mind Episode Six

Genre: Space Opera

Upcoming releases in this series: The final episode in this series will be released in September 2017.

Free series starter: Ghost of Mind Episode One is free on most e-book retailers who stock my work. You can also read it here on my website.


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Would you run? If you were the last of your kind, if you knew getting caught could thrust the universe into war, wouldn't you slip into the shadows and disappear too?

Hiding is Alice’s only option. It always has been.

Then he comes along. Commander John Doe, the head of a new mission into one of the most dangerous areas of space. A chance encounter thrusts them together on the barren wasteland of Orion Minor. Then the chase begins.

Alice cannot allow herself to slip into the hands of the Union, but John Doe will stop at nothing to find out who she is.

In Episode One of Ghost of Mind, the hunt begins.