Galactic Coalition Academy Series


Of all my series, the longest is the Galactic Coalition Academy. It's technically smaller, stand-alone mini series that exist within the same sci-fi world.

Each story focuses on the recruits or graduates of the Coalition Academy as they fight against the odds to save the galaxy.

There are currently two main arcs that joint the various series together. One is the Force War, which is told between series 2-9. The second is the Hendari War which will be told through series 10-13.

Each series is relatively standalone, though series 7,8, and 9 deal directly with the Force War.

Series Order

Ouroboros (Series 1)

Broken (Series 2)

Axira (Series 3)

The Lost Star (Series 4)

Fractured Mind (Series 5)

Ava (Series 6)

Vira (Series 7)

War Begins (Series 8)

The Admiral (Series 9)

The Eye of the Gods (Series 10)

Upcoming Releases

The first series of the Hendari Wars is The Eye of the Gods (Series 10). There are three more series planned in this arc. They are The Hand of the Gods (Series 11), The Night of the Gods (Series 12), and The War of the Gods (Series 13).

The last three books of the The Eye of the Gods will be published on the 21st of May 2019.

The Hand of the Gods will be published between July-August 2019.

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