Free Fiction

The following books can be downloaded for free from most ebook retailers who stock my work. Please note, however, that not all ebook retailers list these works as free; certain websites do not allow books to be listed as free by the author - they only become free through price-matching.

Many of the following can also be read for free on this website.

For more free fiction, check out the homepage. At least once a week, I update what I'm currently working on there.

Sci-Fi Space Opera/Adventure

A Plain Jane Book One
The Betwixt Book One
Ghost of Mind Book One
Ouroboros Book One
Broken Episode One
Axira Episode One
Betrothed Episode One
The Crucible: Leap of Faith
The Lost Star Episode One
Shattered Destiny: A Galactic Adventure (Episode One)
Fractured Mind Episode One
Ava Episode One
Vira Episode One
Star Soldier

Fantasy Sci-fi Crossover

Ki Book One
Yin and Yang Book One (A Fool's Beginning)


Trouble and Treasure (Book One of the Trouble and Treasure Series)
Diamond and Chase Book One

Paranormal Adventure

Agent of Light Episode One


Modern Goddess: Trapped by Thor, Book One

Urban Fantasy

Hell's Angel
Witch's Bell Book One
Anna's Hope Episode One
Angel: Private Eye Book One
Magical Influence Book One
The Enchanted Writes Book One
The Frozen Witch
Better the Devil You Know
The Last Queen
Legal Rites
The Billionaire's Witch Book One
Forgotten Destiny