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The Odette C. Bell Sci Fi Bundle (contains A Plain Jane, The Betwixt, Lucky Star, and Zero) [Currently not available]

Lighter Space Operas:

These titles are packed with action and adventure, but they have lighter characters. The stakes are still high, but the writing is quirkier and the pacing slower. Fun fact - Lucky Star and The Betwixt were the first sci-fis I ever wrote.

A Plain Jane

Lucky Star

The Betwixt


Darker Space Action

These heroines and heroes don't have time for anything but action. The stakes are the entire universe, so they have to get a hustle on. These books are quick and the themes are darker.

Ghost of Mind

Star Soldier

The Crucible

Genuine Space Opera

These books are true space operas. From arrogant princes to kick-ass heroines, expect fast-paced dramatic plots that will take you across the galaxy and back again.

A Princess Rising

A Time of Kings


Finder's Gate

Shattered Destiny (which is the sister series of Betrothed)

Star Destiny



These protagonists have been sucked into another world. Their normal lives have been disrupted, their destinies thrown upsidedown as they battle to make it home again. Combining elements of fantasy, sci-fi, and action-adventure, there's something for everyone here!

Oblivion Gate


Comedy Space Opera

It's time to dial down the drama and up the snarkiness. Yeah, sure, the galaxy is in trouble, but these guys can't scrape together enough money to fix their space ship, let alone save all the rest of you lazy bums.


Invasion Space Opera

The Earth is in trouble of the alien variety. It's up to these heroes and heroines to rise up to save all.


Fantasy/ Sci-fi Crossover



Galactic Coalition Academy Meta-Series

A Galactic Coalition Academy is a continuing meta-series. It is set in the same universe and centers around the adventures of graduates and recruits of the Coalition Academy. Every series is pure space opera. Box sets are available for series 1-5.

Ouroboros (Series 1)

Broken (Series 2)

Axira (Series 3)

The Lost Star (Series 4)

Fractured Mind (Series 5)

Ava (Series 6)

Vira (Series 7)

War Begins (Series 8)

The Admiral (Series 9)

The Eye of the Gods (Series 10)



The Odette C. Bell Fantasy Bundle contains Gladys the Guard, Agent of Light, Superheroes Don't Wear Heels, and The Witch and the Commander.


Police-Procedural Urban Fantasy

Don't be put off by the police-procedural bit. These stories aren't training manuals. They're punchy Urban Fantasies with strong mystery sub-plots. Maybe the main characters are private eyes or magical detectives, but definitely they've been thrown into adventures that threaten to swallow them up. From getting caught up in the machinations of twisted magical councils to fighting forgotten destinies, these heroines will have to save the world before everything is said and done.

A Lying Witch

Angel: Private Eye

Anna's Hope

Broken Witch

Forgotten Destiny

Legal Rites

My Immortal Soul

The Frozen Witch

Witch's Bell

Action Urban Fantasy

These stories combine two things - frenetic action sequences and magic. Lots of it. From heroines who are the most coveted pieces in ancient games to broken angels who must consume souls to survive, these ladies have to win to save themselves. But to win, they've got to fight. Hard. If you like punchy plots that don't detract from the action, then these books are for you.

Hell's Angel

Magic Born

Magic War

The Billionaire's Witch

The Last Queen

Quirky Fantasy

Okay, so quirky fantasy isn't a recognized genre, but it's the only way to describe these books. These heroines are unsure of themselves to begin with, then they're thrust into perilous journeys to find themselves. From witches to arcade geeks who inherit mysterious powers, these heroines are going to strive to defeat ancient monsters, change time, and battle their destinies.

Agent of Light

Gladys the Guard

Magical Influence

Modern Goddess

Superheroes Don't Wear Heels

The Enchanted Writes

The Witch and the Commander

Weird Western

The Captain's Witch


These books are wild, fun adventures. Think Indiana Jones meets Romancing the Stone.

A Deadly Reunion

Diamond and Chase

Room 89

Trouble and Treasure


Discontinued Series

Celeste Cross

Twincy Quinn

Free Series Starters


Free Series Starters that Lead to Box Sets


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