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Hena Day One

Chapter 1 Nick Hancock 02:00 Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom “Flight 747 for Sydney has been delayed. New estimated time of departu......

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Short Story

Ghost of Mind Short Story

  This is a prologue set before Episode One.   She sat in the transport, keeping to herself, her hood pulled over her eyes, her arms wra......

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Serialized Fiction

Diamond and Chase Book 4 - Prologue to Chapter 13

*Updated with Chapter 13.* This is the fourth book of the Diamond and Chase Series. You can read the first book for free on this website here. This......

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A Lying Witch


50% off until July 31

A Lying Witch: The Complete Series is currently on-sale at Smashwords.


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Finder's Gate and Rising Princess

I've released two new sci-fis in the past month - Rising Princess and Finder's Gate. Finder's Gate has two episodes out, with the third and fourth ...... READ MORE

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