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Diamond and Chase Book Four - Prologue to Chapter 9

*Updated with Chapter 9* This is the fourth book of the Diamond and Chase Series. You can read the first book for free on this website here. (/chapters/diamond-and-chase-book-one) Prologue Congratulations, you’ve graduated. Congratulations, you’ve freaking graduated. Those words repeated in my head as I clutched hold of the champagne flute harder, my fingers really pushing in against the expensive crystal. I was in a dress. An extremely expensiv..

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Ghost of Mind Short Story

This is a prologue set before Episode One Alice She sat in the transport, keeping to herself, her hood pulled over her eyes, her arms wrapped tightly around her middle. Another day in paradise, she thought sarcastically as the transport filled with the scum of the universe. She looked up to see various interstellar criminals and deadbeats file in. She shuffled further into the corner of the wall, her hooded shoulders brushing up against the pulsing relay beside her. This transpor..

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Hena Day One

What will you be doing when the world ends? Nick Hancock’s waiting for a plane when someone tries to kill him. He wakes up in a puddle of his own blood to a new world. A dying one. An alien race has invaded Earth, and humanity can’t stop them. But there are others. Aliens from far and wide who’ve settled on Earth or crashed here. There is one among them with the power to save everyone, Hena. An alien of incalculable power, she now holds the world in her han..

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Time to Run (A Sci-Fi Short Story)

Time to escape. It was time to finally flee the Director’s clutches. He’d brought me here from Earth, taking me through the back door in time and space, as he’d called it. Back then, on Earth, I’d been normal. Average height, average looks, average job prospects. Average life. Nothing special. Here? I had a skill. In this dimension, Earthlings like me with highly developed neural skills and with the correct devices could bend particles. Sou..

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At least once a week, I post an excerpt of what I'm working on above. Enjoy!

Ancient Blood Book One

A new paranormal fantasy.

13% Complete

The Last Queen Book Five

100% Complete

The Billionaire's Witch Books Four and Five are out now. Star Soldier Episode Four is also out now.

Current Pre-orders and scheduled releases

Ghost of Mind Episode Seven important update:

This book is not currently for sale. I stuffed it up big-time. I brought back a character after I'd killed him off without realizing it - making me officially an idiot. There were a bunch of other problems with the story, too. I'm going to try to fix them over the next couple of days, then re-update the story. If you've bought this story and you're dissappointed, please get a refund. If you'd like to read a slightly longer apology that explains why I'm a fool, check out my blog here.

20 February - Legal Rites Book Four available for pre-order on iTunes)
1 March  - The Last Queen Book Five (available for pre-order on iTunes)
1 April - Hell's Angel Episode Four (available for pre-order on iTunes)

Upcoming scheduled releases:
Ancient Blood is a new paranormal adventure series that charts a young woman's return to an archaeological dig in rural France. As a child, she went missing in a castle for five days, and it's time to find out why. But in doing so, she'll cross paths with two mysterious men who seem to know everything about her. And one of them? Is a vampire. The other? A vampire hunter. She'll be trapped between their ancient war and their affections, and both will be just as dangerous.

Latest Release

Forgotten Destiny

Released: December 2017

Series information: This series has 5 episodes of between 50,000-53,000 words. All 5 books are currently available.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Upcoming releases in this series: I'm working on the fourth book now.

Free series starter: Forgotten Destiny Book One is free on most e-book retailers who stock my work.


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She’s got powers, and she has to use them to find her future husband before it’s too late....
This isn’t fair. Beth has just found out she’s a witch, and in this world, witches are regulated.
When her powers are tested, she's pushed into a new job working for a rakish bounty hunter who's charm only just makes up for his arrogance. But if Beth thinks finding bounties for Josh McIntosh is the worst punishment imaginable, she hasn't met Maximus C. Knights yet. He's the most powerful kingpin in town, and he needs her to find something. Specifically? Her future husband. You see, there’s a prophecy that says one day a witch just like Beth will come along, and with a little help, she’ll save the world….